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Introduction To Joe (that's me!)

So a quick introduction…

My name is Joe Migrala and I own H&J Fence Supply.  I have a wife, two children, and two spoiled dogs.  In my off time I’m still always thinking about fence and business.  I started surfing 2 years ago and it’s my absolute favorite hobby.

How I got started in fencing:

While I was working for my uncle at one of his McDonald’s we had a rogue tornado come through the area and damage one post and one section of fence.  After getting quotes I asked my uncle if I could do it instead.  I watched some YouTube videos and in short time the fence was fixed.  From there I advertised on Craigslist and within 6 months I quit my job and went fencing full time.

A little about my fence company:

I started my fence company back in 2015 and just sold it in 2023 to focus on my new company.  During my 7 years we steadily grew to $2M in yearly sales and had built several programs to automate a lot of our processes.

My new fence supply company:

I formed H&J Fence Supply in May of 2022.  I had originally started bringing in truckloads of vinyl for my own company but soon after I started supplying my subcontractors.  From there I started to supply to other contractors and realized I enjoyed it much more than the installation side.  So in December of 2022 I decided to sell my business so I could focus full time on the supply side.  It has a different set of challenges but I really love it because I get to build long term relationships with our customers.

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About the Author
Picture of Joe Migrala
Joe Migrala

Joe is the owner of H&J Fence Supply and has been in the fence industry for 8+ years.

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